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Pink Charmer Spa Wrap

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The cozy terry spa wrap is the best way to dry off in style. The Velcro closure and full elastic back allows for a perfectly snug fit to avoid any slips. Go ahead and get wrapped up in it.
  • Velcro Closure & Full Elastic Back
  • Dimensions: 55" x 26.75"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Perfect for embroidery
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash warm & fasten Velcro closures
  • Imported

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Customer Reviews

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Spa wrap

I loved the spa wraps that I ordered for graduation gifts. The girls loved them also! Great customer service, selection, prices, and quality.

Now I Have Two!

I bought one of these a month ago, and loved it so much that I had to buy another. Perfect for after the shower, when drying my hair and putting on makeup.

The Spa Wrap is an Icon

I just bought two of these for my wife. She has had the same one for at least 6 years now and wears it 2-3 times a week. Mainly is acts a towel wrap for an after shower at her gym. Sometimes it makes an appearance at home for something to wear while putting on make up or before getting dressed up to go out. Rarely, and much to her dismay, has it visited an actual spa. The only time she won't reach for it is when it is in the wash. The wrap is bulletproof. It has endured countless wash cycles on all temperatures, is almost always washed with towels, dried at stupid hot temperatures. It won't go away. Yea, its faded, and worn. Yea, the Velcro is weaker. But for the most part it is in great shape. I'm buying her another one because I am tired of looking at his one, not because she needs a new one. Anything you can get a couple Olympiads of regular wears out that remains comfortable and functional is a great piece of clothing, or wrap or whatever. I'm sure she is not ready to part with her old one, but introducing these to the rotations should set her up until the 2028 games.
Yup, its that good.

Spa wraps

I bought an "All for Color" spa wrap a number of years ago at a local retailer in MI. Since then, we relocated to another state, and I've been looking to replace my wrap and pick one up for my daughter...she loves my wrap. Finally, I decided to look online and was so happy to find my beloved spa wrap on your website. I bought 2. I love them so much, I haven't decided if I can part with one for my daughter. Besides being adorable, the spa wrap is the perfect accessory to slip into after taking a shower and/or when applying makeup for an evening out. If my husband had his way, I'd slip into my spa wrap whenever we're home; he loves the way I look in it. Whatever you do, please do NOT stop selling this great product!

Nice Wrap

I ordered the medium/large. I am a size 12....38D....the Velcro didn't line up properly. Some of the Velcro touched my skin.....very I removed some of the velcro and moved it. Now it's perfect. I love it. It fits well, and wraps all the way around. I have bought from other companies, and the wraps don't go all the way around. This one does! The colors are bright and cheery!

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