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13 June 2016

Who to follow on snapchatRaise your hand if you are on Snapchat! Snapchat is quickly becoming the most downloaded social networking app ever. There are an estimated 400 million snaps uploaded to the app each day!  Taking so-called 'snaps' instead of selfies is becoming the norm, while the puppy dog filter and flower crown filter are popping up on Instagram and elsewhere. Of course, we are on Snapchat--add us @allforcolor, but are you looking for other color lovers to follow on the trending app? We have made a list of what bloggers and Instagrammers you should be adding on Snapchat today!
  • Holly Boyd. Add Holly @hollyboyd09. She is the fun blogger over at, Make Today A Holly Day.
  • Lucy. Lucy from the Instagram @dailydoseof_prep snaps all the time--@dailydoseofprep
  • Carly. Carly from The College Prepster often snaps Q & As --even with her beau, @Garrettmccarthy. Add Carly on Snapchat @collegeprepster.
  • Lauren Vandiver. Lauren may be one of our favorite colorful bloggers out there. Lauren's blog is called Vandi Fair and, yes, she is on Snapchat @laurenvandiver.
  • Olivia. Olivia from the blog LivvyLand--snaps outfits & blog stuff for days, @livvylandblog.
  • Cody Simpson. This Aussie hottie is @aussiemuso. Enough said.
  • Frannie. Frannie (the blogger at The Blonde Prep) snaps about personal style, travel, and more @franacciardo.
  • Shawn Mendes. You'll see more of this singer, Shawn @shawnmendes1.
  • Shelby Revis. Shelby from, Lucky Day Blog obviously has many Disney/Lilly-fied snap stories for y'all to follow till your preppy heart is content! Add her @shelbyrevis.
  • Disney Style. The fun and fashionable blog, Disney Style is on Snapchat too @Disney.Style.
  • Lily Rose. The Denver blogger, Lily Rose--who snaps and posts pictures of her dog, hubby-to-be, hair, and beauty tutorials is on Snapchat @Misslilyrose .
  • Aww.Sam. You have seen Sam's colorful crafts and the liking on her blog, Aww.Sam. Well, she snaps too @Aww.sam
  • Fifth Harmony. If you like the girl group, Fifth Harmony and their #OOTD then you should probably follow these ladies @fifthharmony
  • Kendall Jenner. You gotta keep up with Kendall and her family! Add @Kendalljenner for a daily dose of model status.
  • Jiff. Jiff is that super-cute Pomeranian who wears little baseball style tees and luckily his little paws can handle snaps too @jiffpom.
Have any of these Snapchat accounts captured your attention? If you are still seeking more accounts to add on your Snap stream, Pop Sugar has a post called, '86 Celebrities You Should Be Following On Snapchat' and literally, they cover everyone! So, what is your favorite Snapchat account to follow? Do you have a preferred or go-to filter? Let us know & you know where you can find us--@allforcolor!

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