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Travel in Style: How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

20 February 2017

all for color packing tipsHave you ever noticed that the hardest part of arranging a weekend getaway isn’t deciding where to go? It’s not planning an itinerary, deciding on points of interest to hit, or figuring out where to stay, either. For the vast majority of us, packing is the biggest challenge. If you’re not the person who always packs too little, you’re probably the one that packs everything but the kitchen sink!

That said, properly packing in preparation for a weekend getaway is something that you can master with practice. How much do you truly need to pack for just one weekend? How can you make sure you’re covered for every possibility without also lugging four full-sized suitcases along with you? Let’s take a closer look at how you can learn to pack like a pro.

The Art of Traveling Light

Even if you’re going away for a long holiday weekend, you’re still only going to be away for three or four days max. That said, you don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe. Ideally speaking, everything you bring ought to fit into one suitcase or a couple of medium-sized bags. The following tips should help with that.

  • Check the Weather
  • Even if you have a pretty good idea what to expect of the weather once you reach your destination, you should double check right before you leave, to be sure. Plan your weekend wardrobe with the forecast in mind instead of packing half your closet “just in case.”

  • Plan Your Activities
  • Even if you’re not the sort to schedule every minute of your time when you’re away from home, you most likely have a good idea what activities you’ll be engaging in while you’re away. Plan a simple outfit for each of those activities and lay each one out as you go to make sure you don’t forget any of the components. When in doubt, prioritize comfort over style. Of course, you want to look fantastic, but you also want to move freely during your activities.

  • Pack Versatile Items
  • Whenever possible, pack items that you can wear more than once or that will be appropriate for more than one occasion or activity. Skinny jeans are a great example since they are easy to dress up or down. So are plain tees  or camisoles, as they can be incorporated into lots of different outfits. A good rule of thumb to follow is to pack one pair of pants or bottoms for every two or three tops.

  • Pack Your Suitcase Properly
  • Shoes should be packed at the bottom of the suitcase. You should also consider placing your socks and undergarments inside of the shoes. Not only does this save valuable space, but it helps preserve the shape of your footwear during travel. Snag one or two of our shoe duffels for this bit.

    Tightly roll soft items (like t-shirts or leggings), but fold structured items instead (like jackets or blazers). Your most delicate items (like gauzy blouses or dresses) should be folded and placed at the top of your suitcase. Fill in smaller spaces with additional items like sunglasses, accessories, or additional undergarments.

  • Be Prepared
  • Avoid leaving commonly forgotten items behind by prepping well in advance. Consider keeping a travel toiletry kit perpetually packed with essentials so that it’s always ready to grab and go at a moment’s notice. Also, take some time prior to the packing process to collect important little items you want to be sure you don’t forget. Examples include reading materials, phone chargers, sunglasses, sunscreen, plane tickets, passports, and so forth.

    You might also want to finish up by packing a dry-cleaning bag on top of all of your clothes. That way, if your suitcase zipper snags on anything, it will be the bag and not your favorite sundress!

    What Do I Really Need to Pack for a Weekend Away?

    Of course, what you pack will depend largely on where you’re going, what the weather will be like, and what you’ll be doing. However, the following essentials are always good items to consider.

  • Versatile Shoes
  • Never overpack shoes! For a weekend away, you need no more than 2-4 pairs. Make sure they match all of your outfits and will be as comfortable to wear as they are fashionable. Think block heel booties, ballet flats, and tennis shoes in neutral tones, as opposed to sky-high stiletto heels.

  • Versatile Bottoms
  • Just like shoes, the same logic applies to bottoms. For a weekend away, you really only need one pair of jeans. This goes for other items like leggings, shorts, or skirts. Pick items in neutral colors that will go well with a wide variety of tops, colors, patterns, accessories, and looks. Our linen shorts are a great option for this!

  • Outerwear
  • You always want to make sure you have at least one piece of outerwear but make sure it’s versatile enough to wear with everything else you selected. Think trench coats or leather jackets for cooler weather and hoodies or ponchos for warmer climates.

  • Accessories
  • As you already know, the best way to look stylish, fashionable, and put together is to make sure you accessorize to perfection. Choose versatile items that can be styled a variety of different ways or used to transform the look of an outfit in just an instant. Great examples include leather belts and mid-weight scarves.

  • Emergency Items
  • It’s also a good idea to prepare for any mishap that might happen while you’re away. Consider packing a spot remover, a travel-sized sewing kit, and anti-wrinkle spray. One extra outfit you can wear in case of emergency is also a good idea. Just make sure it’s something simple and easy to pack.

    At the end of the day, packing for a weekend away isn’t rocket science. However, it does require a little forethought in order to make sure it’s done properly. Now you are ready to pack for your next weekend getaway with style and panache!

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