Fall with Katelyn Chef

12 September 2016

fall fashion picks from all for color

Happy Tuesday! We have blogger Katelyn Chef with us talking about all things fall fashion on Color Ave. today!

Hi. My name is Katelyn and I am the blogger behind the colorful life and style blog, The Yellow Spectacles. It’s officially time for fall weather attire. While the first official day of autumn isn’t until September 25th bloggers and fashion Instagrammers alike are already jumping on the warm flannels, plaid prints, and knee high boots bandwagon. I appreciate the traditional fall amenities such as PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte), Burberry Check, and pumpkin quick bread, but I am just not yet ready to give up on color.

Aside from All For Color’s vibrant new fall 2016 collection, I am happy to share with you a few of my fall colorful wardrobe favorites. 

Off The Shoulder: Off the shoulder tops exploded across blogs and IG feeds this past summer. Luckily, the trend doesn’t have to be packed away as fall is also welcoming a new crop of OTS looks. My favorite OTS top for fall is this blue gingham Shopbop top because gingham always makes for a great in-between seasons transition print. Also topping the list is All For Color's Catalina Way Poncho Blouse - love how it's styled here!  

Pom Poms: Pom Poms were another fun statement from this past summer. They were seen on everything from shoes, purses, dresses, and hats. For fall, I like to accessorize whatever handbag or backpack I am carrying with a fun pom or two hanging from it. Luckily, these purse charms come in all colors like this navy fluffy keychain. Having these cuties dangle from your (All For Color) bag feels a little bit like you are your own personal cheerleader. As you should be no matter the season! 

Marble Shades: I think marble sunglasses have transitioned over from fashion fad to a wardrobe essential rather quickly. Marble sunnies are really fun to wear and they look exceptionally cool. Recently, I have discovered Quay Australia sunglasses and have grown fond of their marble shade selection. The marble texture/pattern, no matter the season, is a bold accessory choice for everyone to try on.

All For Color Athletic Wear: My last fall colorful wardrobe crush is the AFC new activewear collection. I am particularly liking the tribal print inspired Ultra Prism Half Zip Top with matching Paneled Leggings. This colorful #OOTD is perfect for pumpkin picking or you know, working out.

So, what are your fall faves this year? Do they have a dose of color mixed in? Tweet me @chef_katelyn or follow me on Instagram @katelynchef. Happy Fall! 

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  • Samantha : September 16, 2016

    I love all of your picks!! I can’t wait for the fall weather to make things a little bit cooler! Xoxo

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