Dorm Room Essentials

08 August 2016

Dorm Room Must-Haves
It's the time of your life that you have been waiting for, dreaming of, longing for - freshman year of college. Whether you are looking forward to starting a more independent life on campus, or still a little shy about living away from home, it's a big step in life - congrats! Dorm living is definitely a different way of living. Typically, it's  you and a roommate sharing sleeping quarters, a small sitting area, microwave, and a divided closet. Sometimes, you'll share a bathroom with the room next door or a bathroom with the whole hall. If you're used to having your own bedroom, bathroom, and closet, this may take some getting used to. Don't let this scare you away! Dorm living is a part of college and is something everyone should experience. The best part is that as you move up the upperclassman ladder, you have more of a choice what living arrangements you want, that is, if you choose to live on campus.
The very best part of dorm room living is being able to decorate your space any way you'd like - adhering to all dorm rules, of course. We here at AFC HQ have a few cosmetic ideas and necessities of what to bring to college to make your home-away-from-home feel more like home.
Comforter: Bedding is crucial to dorm life. Not only do you want an awesome comforter like the monogram-able kind from Pottery Barn Teen, but you will want to buy a mattress encase cover. Face it, you are not the first one to sleep on this mattress. Encase your dorm mattress in a durable plastic slipper slip.  Also, mattress pads are a good investment to make a generic mattress a little cozier.
Sheets: College sheets are a funny thing. You'll have to check with your designated dorm, but often college sheets are a size Twin XL. There are cute Twin XL sheets out there-you just need to shop in the right place. We love PBT Dottie Sheets and Macy's Martha Stewart Whim sheet collection options.
Comfy Seat: Between study breaks you will want to chill out in your new pad, so pick a comfy chair to bring along. We are totally adoring this beanbag purple polka dot chair by Big Joe, aren't you?
Hamper: With college life comes laundry life. You'll need something reliable to tote your laundry to and from the laundry room. We have the ticket with our AFC Carry All Hamper in Classic Anchor. Just don't make mom do it!
Shower Caddy: Toting all your bath gear to and from the bathroom doesn't have to be stressful! Get yourself a cute shower caddy to hold your soaps, hair products, and lotions in one trip. AFC has a bunch of print options when selecting your shower caddy, take your pick!
Shower Shoes: For sure, you'll want to wear shoes - sandals - in the dorm showers. Keep your wet feet styling in our printed flip flops.
Backpack: It's obvious that you'll need a book bag and why not make it a watermelon printed one! Yep, you'll be one-in-a-melon with our watermelon print backpack! It's so cute!
ID Holder: When you arrive on campus, they'll issue you a student ID which you'll need for just about everything! So, keep it close and safe with an ID holder. How about an AFC one in the print Classic Anchor?
What do you think of the list? We think you'll have your necessities covered with it. Be sure to check out our Back-To School Collection and Dorm Room Essentials sections on the website for some more items you may need for college.

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