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13 February 2017

All For Color Activewear Review

We are loving this write up from style blogger Lexi of The Style of Living about our activewear set and wanted to share it with you today. After you read the review, head on over to Lexi's blog for your chance to win this very outfit to keep you motivated as you tackle your fitness goals in the new year!

I can't speak for anyone else, but I am not one for New Year's resolutions. I just know over time my commitment will fade and the whole resolution will then be pointless. That's why I take a much more casual approach to my workout routine and overall lifestyle. I would say I work out anywhere from 3-5 times a week and that varies greatly from week to week. However, when I do go to workout, I am always more motivated if I love my outfit. Don't ask me why, but I can't be the only one who feels this way!

When I came across All For Color, I just died when I saw their activewear. Bold, bright and unique, it is exactly what I look for in a fun outfit. The essence of the brand is to "enjoy life in color" and when looking into my closet, I realized I can always use some more color.

Something I take very seriously in my activewear is quality, quality and more quality. In my barre classes, I do a lot of stretching and core strengthening on the floor. If the material isn't high quality, those little balls will start to appear all over the fabric, making them instantly look two years old. The quality of this activewear outfit is wonderful, I have worn it to two barre classes and out for errands. I am so impressed by the breathable fabric and how well it fits my shape, plus there are no little fabric balls appearing all over my legs.

All For Color Activewear All For Color Active Review

All For Color Fitness GearAll For Color

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