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We All Scream For Ice Cream

16 July 2015

Ice Cream Flavors

We are all guilty of stopping dead in our tracks when we hear the slightly annoying—slightly heavenly sound of the ice cream truck edging up the street. Ice cream, no matter the country or continent is a seasonal staple. It’s always just too good not to eat. Where is this going? Well, it’s going somewhere yummy as July happens to be National Ice Cream Month and Sunday, July 19th marks National Ice Cream Day! We’ve rounded up a few of the most unique {and delicious} ice cream flavors along with a handful of recipes you are going to have to try for yourself.

Here are some tasty winners:


  • Swim over to Baskin Robbins {or order online} to try their sherbet/sorbet, Splish Splash blue swirled cones. Warning! Your tongue may turn a deep shade of blue and you may have the urge to sprout mermaid fins after consumption!


  • Feeling peachy? What about attempting to try to make a glamorous recipe for peach ice-cream? This recipe calls for real peaches and cream—possibly, it’s so good you’ll actually scream.


  • Ice Cream is always better when it’s gourmet and the online ice cream creamery, Molly Moon is just that—gourmet! Their Honey Lavender {made with organic Sequim} is almost too pretty to eat—we said almost!


  • Here’s a recipe that will surely impress the ice cream snobs in your life—Strawberry Basil ice cream {yes, you heard right}. This marvelous flavor is prepared with real strawberries, basil leaves, and lemon extracts…can’t you just taste the goodness?!


  • Okay, here is one more for you {it’s a goodie} Black Currant Frozen Yogurt from Jeni’s Ice Cream. The flavor {creamy pulverized currant yogurt taste} is just as vibrant as the froyos’ bright pink hue. Need not to worry if there isn’t a Jeni’s near you, they ship! Send some of that bright pink froyo over—express mail please!

So, did you pick your favorite flavor? You have all month to decide which one {if all} will be right for your taste buds. Remember, calories don’t count when it’s National Ice Cream Month!

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