Dorm Room Essentials

04 August 2015

Dorm Room Essentials

 Off to college this year? As the end of the summer draws near it has us thinking about the countless number of incoming freshman and all the dorm room essentials you’re going to need in your first year away from home. It’s been quite some time since we were in the dorms – 11 years to be exact – but that doesn’t mean we don’t remember those things you just can’t live without.


Halt Floor Lamp in White: While we aren’t the biggest fans of floor lamps, they sure do come in handy. This one from Dot & Bo is unobtrusive and sheds just enough light for your daily dorm room happenings.

All For Color Pacific Splash Carry All Hamper: Laundry happens a lot in college. Tow it back and forth in our Carry All Hamper. You’ll be amazed at how much it can hold!

Lulu & Georgia Kamille Pillow in Buttercup: Add some color to your space with a printed throw pillow. Warning: You might not be able to stop at just one.

All For Color Snow Bunny Lap Desk: Already have everything else on our list? Then buy a lap desk. They’re the perfect dorm room companion. All your work can be done in bed, on the floor, or on the couch. You probably won’t even need a real desk.

All For Color Tribal Stripe Multipurpose Bin: Note to college freshman – get risers for your bed. The storage capacities in dorm rooms are next to nothing. Fill up our multipurpose bins and stuff them under your bed to keep your space clutter free.

Mentha Duvet Cover: A little ombre never hurt anyone. This duvet cover from Dot & Bo adds just enough color without overwhelming the space.

All For Color Nautical Tide Spa Wrap: A must when you’re living in the dorms. Stay stylish at all times with our printed spa wraps. Everyone will be wanting to know the deets on where you picked it up.

All For Color Pink Parade Cozy Fleece: Stay cozy all year long with our cozy fleece. Tons of color options to choose from so you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.

Mid-Century Slope Chair: Go mod with this hot pink desk chair, that is, if you need a desk.

All For Color Floral Ditzy Shower Caddy: This is definitely a college dorm bathroom must have for any college student. Match it with one of our terry cloth spa towel wraps or flip flops to create your own unique colorful style.

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Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means we’ll make a few cents (literally) if you click on the products and buy ’em.

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