National Lemonade Day

20 August 2015

National Lemonade Day

When life gives you lemons you save them up & on National Lemonade Day, August 20th you make sweet, sweet lemonade!

Who knew that America’s favorite squeezed drink had it’s very own day! This year, National Lemonade Day falls on Thursday, August 20th and we could not be anymore excited to drink and celebrate.

Since this day is an “unofficial” holiday–yes the mail still comes and the banks are still open, but the rules to celebrating are entirely up to you. Anyway you squeeze it–it is sure to be a refreshing holiday–unofficially! Did you know that there is evidence of lemonade being made way back in the days when pyramids were being built?! It’s so true, as Egyptians were sipping on this juice goodness centuries back.

Here are ten cool lemonade recipes to attempt:

1. A Classic Recipe: Click to learn and make this freshly squeezed recipe for homemade traditional lemonade.

2. Pink Please: Pink lemonade–please it’s SO Eloise at the Plaza.

3. Make Thyme: Thyme lemonade just may be the most refreshing!

4. Add Raspberry: Razzle and dazzle your sweet beverage with this tasty Taste of Home Raspberry recipe

5. Ginger it Up: Sparkling Ginger infused lemonade? Bring it on!

6. Get Hard: Spike your drink (lemonade) with this punchy recipe. And remember, adults only! Sorry kiddos.

7. Sweet and Southern: Paula Deen’s Southern Sweet Lemonade is just what the doctor ordered.

8. Spike It: Put a lil’ Vodka in there. Vodka Lemonade! Need we say more?! Thanks, Bobby Flay!

9. So Fancy: Hibiscus Lemonade. It’s bright pink. It’s healthy. It looks lovely!

10. Garden Fresh: Basil Lemonade

Now you have some snazzy lemonade recipes. Remember to garnish your beautiful drink creations with sprigs of basil, lime, slices of lemon, sugar rubbed on the glasses’ rims, or little paper umbrellas. To keep your lemonade strong, fresh freeze some of your homemade juice in ice cube trays so your drinks don’t get watered down.

Fixing your lemon creations on a crisp lucite tray, a few cloth napkins, and possibly a few homemade lemon bars on the side is another option for making this sweet, sweet day one to really celebrate! Martha Stewart has an amazing refreshing lemon bar recipe to give a try. Meanwhile, you can score some rather fancy (but not that fancy) cloth napkins from Kate Spade New York.

Lastly, serve drinks in tall, clear glasses in your favorite frosted pitcher.

Okay, pour yourself a glass, a pitcher, what-have-you of lemonade as all of these fresh  ideas are on the house. #NationalLemonadeDay

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