Slumber Party Rules

25 August 2015

Slumber Party Rules

This fall we’ve launched the Cute & Cozy Collection. A collection comprised of thermal pajamas, personal care accessories, lap desks, fleece, book totes, and duffles. Although the name Cute & Cozy suits the collection well we think that it could have been called the Slumber Party Collection! It has almost everything you need for your next sleepover (besides your pillow) and evokes that slumber party vibe.

We think you’re never too old for a good ole’ slumber party, and while we haven’t had one in quite some time, we still remember the rules of the game. Here’s our dos and don’ts of slumber partying.

DO: Bring your favorite magazine to read
DO: Pop some buttery popcorn
DO: Watch a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Can’t Buy Me Love
DO: Give each other pedicures! We suggest pink or coral
DO: Dress for the occasion – our new pajama sets will be the talk of the party
DO: Bring a blanket or two and be prepared to share
DO: Bake some cookies or better yet cookie pies!
DO: Have fun!

DON’T: Show up late – slumber party fun starts right on time
DON’T: Skimp on the snacks! Indulge a little
DON’T: Leave early – you’ll miss all the fun!

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