Have Yourself a Burger Today

August 27, 2015

Have Yourself a Burger Today


Hamburger Recipes

Really, shouldn’t every day be Burger Day?! We think it certainly, certainly should be! Now, we all are in luck as we’re happy to announce that it is (unofficially)  Burger Day on August 27th. Yippee Yay!

Whether you decide to enjoy this juicy grilled unofficial holiday by rolling through the drive-thru or firing up the grill–we here have a few suggestions–burger suggestions. And just in advance–they are pretty great ones.

1. In-And-Out Burger: This super quick burger company, In and Out Burger has been on the lips of Hollywood for years. Literally! If their world famous burgers are good enough to eat after you won an Academy Award then they are certainly good enough to eat on burger day. Best of all, their name says it all–you’ll be in and out–not to mention stuffed and happy. Yeah, it’s that good.

2. Bite Size: Small things come in gourmet packages and the Cooking Channel has an amazing recipe for mini bagel bite size hamburger sliders. Believe us, they are cute enough to eat.

3. Super Size Sexy: Hey, if you can eat a hamburger, wash a car, give sultry looks all while wearing a string bikini these are reasons alone to tempt you to eat a burger dish at Carl Jr. Pull through a Carl Jr.’s drive-thru this burger day–if you dare to bare. We can’t promise Paris Hilton will be there, but there will be burgers and plenty of hot buns.

4. Cheese Please: Get your skillet out and grab the cheese. The Food Network has a mouthwatering, gooey cheese stuffed burger recipe that is in desperate need of a salivating mouth! More than one napkin is required for this deep dish.

5. Whopper: How would this be a burger day post without mentioning the KING of fast-food burgers–Burger King’s Whopper?? No, it wouldn’t and the price is right for all to indulge a little on this oh so delicious occasion!

6. Better with Bacon: Burgers and bacon. Now you are talking. This Food and Wine recipe for a bacon burger is a must eat, must try type of thing!

7. Among the Stars: Celebs eat burgers. Go figure. And they aren’t the skinny vegan, non dairy, no ketchup kind of burgers either. Not true? You must try the recipe served at the restaurant in Hollywood known as The Hungry Cat. The Pug Burger is famous there. Just like the people who chow it down.

8. BIG Mac: No, you don’t have to be a baller or NBA player to enjoy the ultra famous McDonald’s Big Mac and their equally as famous, Quarter Pounder. Are they healthy? No. But they are sure good. And when it comes to burger day we all agree…go for it!

9. The Health Nut: Okay, so here is a healthy burger recipe full of peppers, onions, and chickpeas. Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean this recipe does not pack a punch. Full of flavor! Plus, it’s gluten free.

10. Condiments: No burger is a burger without ketchup, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise, hot sauce, or relish. Whatever your condiment combination is don’t skimp out! Go full throttle!

Happy Burger Day.

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