Our September To-Do List

01 September 2015


Make this September one to remember by indulging in what the season has to offer. Although, a to-do list sounds daunting and down right haunting it really doesn’t have to be. We here at Color Ave. believe in making changes and projects as fun as possible. We have come up with a creatively colorful (and fun) list that you can do during the month of September. The order of what to do when is entirely up to you!

1. Frame Your Favorite Summer Snap Shot! Take a moment to  go through your phone’s photos of this summer’s past adventures, trips, memories, and travels. Think about your favorite image you’d like to preserve forever in a frame or custom wall-mount. When there is nine inches of snow on the ground in February you’ll thank us. Truly.

2. Put Some Pumpkin in Your Diet! September is the time when everything turns into a pumpkin flavor(s). Whether you pick a pumpkin spice latte or a wafer-y pumpkin cookie to indulge in just know it’s a little taste taste of Autumn! PS. we think anything pumpkin goes extraordinary well with chocolate. We are only suggesting…

3. Season Shoe Swap! It’s so sad, but September is high time to pack away your favorite flip-flops and prepare your most stylish fall boots for the upcoming colder months. Sigh. This can be fun! Don’t have any fall boots? Buy some–we are loving these Tory Burch Riding Boots! No horse to ride? What about a chocolate hued (see we love chocolate) Hunter Boots? How can you say no to Hunters? Here is a tip, you can’t.

4. Personalize Your Work Space! Adding something fun to your desk or office can be a quick season pick-me up. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant! Like an office plaque or 14k gold name tag. May we suggest this lovely Kate Spade Lucite and Gold Stapler? Or a fun eye glass print pencil pouch set with gold embellishments? Oh yes, we can…

5. Tell Mom Hi! For those returning to college or going for the very first time remember to think of home and send mom a little I miss you/I love ya card! We heart the fun hand painted stationary from Simply Jessica Marie! Of course, you can’t write on customized stationary with dingy pencils. Do yourself a favor and pick out a glamorous felt tip pen or a super duper fun bright pink gel pen. We are all about making statements and you should be too!

6. Dress Your Ears! A fast way to revamp your fall wardrobe is by buying a cute pair of earrings and why not make them festive for fall? Try on these tangerine and gold Kendra Scott’s for size. Surely, these gems will make Rush Week wiz on by…

7. Say, Hello: Back in school? Try doing a nice gesture (no purchase necessary) for a friend, a new student, or dorm room neighbor. Everyone has the back-to-school nerves and a simple smile or a coffee cart run invitation can ease everyone’s nerves.

Well, we think this is a pretty good to-do list for September. Until October!

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