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10 Colorful Pinners You Need to Follow

08 September 2015

Colorful Pinners to Follow

With autumn breathing down our soon-to-be scarf wrapped necks {not for those living in Florida anyways} we will be spending more time indoors than out. So, the question remains what to do? What to do? Luckily, we all have Pinterest on our phones, laptops, and tablets which comes in handy for times of boredom & inspiration.

P.S. if you’re like the only person who isn’t on Pinterest or you have never pinned a single thing in your entire life-it is far time you looked into it.

For all of you who appreciate a good pin & are looking for some new pinners/boards to follow we have it covered. Snuggle down & poise your pining finger we have a wide selection of colorful & creative Pinterest Boards you need to follow.

1. Love pink, parties, & sparkle? Pinterest has a pinning star, Courtney Whitmore from Follow along for a daily does of pizzazz!

2. Crafts, stationery, parties & tulle sounds like a handful! However, you are sure to have a pinning hay day with the colorful pinner, A Subtle Reversely.

3. Sequins, skirts, & makeup…where do we sign up? Visit Pinterest & search Glam, you’ll find boards & boards of fun, fierce fashion inspiration.

4. Love beauty, clothing, & shopping? Uh, yeah! Cassie Guerrera has all these bases {and more} covered. Plus, she’s a true blue pinner with over 1k followers.

5. Are you confident about your beautiful looks enough to sport pink hair & blue lips? {Not at the same time.} Perhaps, you need to follow the pinning session with Beauty Con . You’ll get a heavy dose of color for your body, face, and hair. Emphasis on the color part!

6. Is home decor always on your radar, but colorful clothing isn’t too far behind? The popular retailer/catalog Garnet Hill’s Pinterest board will mesh both of your loves together….home & clothing. Cue cupid’s arrow.

7. Feeling a little at loss with hunting what boards to follow? Follow Gloss & Found, an online video & print publication with daily vibrant pins by the magazine’s creative director,  @dgrahamkostic.

8. Creating a colorful board just would not be the same if you did not checkout/follow Pantone Color. Yes, the #2015coloroftheyear is currently, Marsala Brown, but don’t let that fool you–plenty of hue-y pins here.

9 . The Flower Drum is another colorful board–make that boards as this Pinterest pro has 76 boards & counting. True, there are flowers, flowers, & more flowers, but also flutes of champagne & cheery lifestyle pins too.

10. All for Color is on Pinterest & might we add we have a rainbow selection of pins. You are welcome to join our other 1.2k pleased Pinterest followers. Thus far, we have not met a color we have not liked!

Okay, so the weather might not be that unbearable where you have to dress like a bear in winter gear to go out to your mailbox, but these cheerful boards above do make a good excuse to at least stay in for the night.

Happy Pinning Colorful Friends!

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