Fall for Hats this Fall

15 September 2015


Fall Hats

Hats are one of those great accessories that are always in season–no matter what season. The type of hats worn during specific times of the year do change–just as the seasons do. For example, ball caps & floppy sun hats have their own moments during the warmer months while wool, knit, stocking, and pom-pom adorned hats may be one of winter’s only highlights.

Autumn is the ideal time to try on the hat trend. We have lots of ideas for stylish hat selections. However, we do know that embracing the hat trend can be a tad intimidating. Keep these hat tips in mind before picking out your autumn hat…

Let’s Talk Face Shape:

1. Long/Skinny Face: Women with skinnier/elongated face shapes should search for hats that sit just above your eyebrows–not exposing too much of your forehead. This way, it keeps your already long face from looking too lengthy. Hats with wider brims/bills will work the best on you.

2. Round/Fuller Face: For those who have a more circular face you want to avoid  round hats in general This only makes sense as you want to give your face more angles and dimensions. Therefore, sport angular shaped hats that sit at a slant on your head/face.

Let’s Go Shopping:

So, after you studied & determined your face shape here comes the fun part! Shopping. Whether you’re aiming for a demure fall look or a more electric appeal we have a hat for that.

1. Tory Burch. Oh Tory we love your what feels like effortlessly chic style. Moderately priced, Tory’s hats are something we are hardcore crushing on. This TB navy stripe beanie is no exception. If you’re heading to the Saturday campus game or dashing off to class this beanie will be your BFF.  Plus, it would look totally adorable with our All For Color pink & navy shawl!

2. Kate Spade. We are always loving anything that has a bow on it. Kate Spade knows how to wrap any look and tie it neatly in a bow. A simple black medium brim hat adorned with a black bow in the back is just too cute not to try on for a look-see. Andddd, black coordinates well with just about anything such as an All For Color popp’in pink Blake Tunic dress!

3. Quilted Ball Cap. A quilted ball cap is one fast way to take your look from eh…to boom, chic. Need we say more?

4. Wide Brim Hats: We like to call them Boho hats. Any wide brim hat can take your vibe from a 10 to a 20 immediately. Really, wide brim hats look expensive and can make your overall outfit look well, expensive, but the actual hat doesn’t have to be! We discovered this wide brim hat for under $30! Want to really up your ante? Slip an All For Color cozy navy stripe scarf to complete your autumn outfit.

5. Beret: Whether you prefer to wear a raspberry beret or gravitate toward a more Gucci/Blair Waldorf style, a beret can take your look from drab to totally sophisticated. Often berets come in a single color, but this leopard beret can actually be a nice pop of print through the fall fog.

6. Neutral: Just because the leaves are turning every color on the color spectrum doesn’t mean your hat has to do the same. Keeping it simple may be the way to approach fall hat hunting.  A basic/neutral color can do a lot for your look and your pocketbook too. When fall hat shopping search for hats in the colors of brown, grey, black, and tan/nude hues. You can get more wear with various outfits and it looks swanky too.  In addition, neutral hats can be accessorized easily. May we suggest our preppy dot navy cross body purse?

Happy hat hunting!

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Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means we’ll make a few cents (literally) if you click on the products and buy ’em.

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