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October Bucket List

01 October 2015

Things to do this Fall

First of all, let us take a moment to wish y’all a very happy fall! With fall now well underway it is safe for us to slip on our Hunters, cozy knit sweaters, chunky scarves, & partake in leisurely autumn pastimes without feeling like we are rushing the season.

Here at All for Color we are all obviously about color {Duh!}. With fall being one of the most colorful seasons out of the four–we have a bucket list of things/activities to accomplish before November flurries in.

What are you going to do this October? We may have a few fall-ish suggestions…

1.  Go apple picking: True, an apple a day does keep the doctor away, but frolicking at your local farmer’s apple orchid may just be one of the most inexpensive {and glorious} fall festivities you can do this time of year.

2. Hike it & Picnic it: Have you ever wanted to go on an autumn hike? This October go ahead and do it! While you are at it–feel free to plan a healthy picnic consisting of pumpkin granola munch, turkey cranberry salad sandwiches & a thermos of rich hot chocolate. Once you’ve reached the top of your hiking destination, throw out a plaid blanket and enjoy the natural beauty of fall.

3. Apple this/Pumpkin that: There are certain flavors of fall. Pumpkin, cinnamon, cranberry, and apple are among the most popular. With the bounty of these festive fall flavors available, try a new recipe using a few of these traditional fall flavors. Our prized idea is to make a apple cider slushie. This beverage is crisp and refreshing–similar to the air during this time of year.

4. Wrap it up: Fall usually isn’t cold from the moment the leaves begin to change, but you know the cold is coming. Now is the perfect season to purchase a new scarf that can take you well into the winter. We say now, because retailers and vendors are freshly stocked with fall/winter gear–hurry up before they get picked over. A little grasshopper told us that All for Color has a cute scarf assortment!

5. Treat yourself: Whether you want to indulge in a pumpkin muffin from your local bakery or have a piece of your granny’s freshly baked apple pie–fall is the ideal season to let your taste buds roam a little. Remember that hike? Yes, you earned that pumpkin cheesecake muffin, girl.

6. Foot fresh: Now is the time that leg warmers, knee-high socks, and wool socks are popping up everywhere. Buy a pair of warm socks that will look great with your fall foot gear.

7. Carve it. No matter if you are 18 or 98 carve a pumpkin this Halloween. Websites like Pinterest & Instagram are exploding with pumpkin carving inspiration. Just remember to be careful using the knife & don’t forget to oven roast the pumpkin seeds!

8. Full moon: Look ahead to end of October, October 27th to be exact, and mark your calendars. There will be a full farmer’s moon. Not only will the full moon be beautiful, but it will also be a little spooky as it is occurring so close to Halloween.

9. Haunted house: Grab your best girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse and dare to be scared {for one night!}. October is the only time of year where it is sane to tour an old prison, mental hospital, cabin, and/or spooky wooded area that is decked out especially for Halloween-ers.

10. Give em’ candy: If you find yourself at home during Halloween evening…pass out some candy to hungry trick-or-treaters. Doing so, will make you feel a little sentimental about Halloweens past and all the while the gesture will prevent the neighborhood kids from egging your car.

Told y’all this was a good list! Happy Fallin’.

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