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Behind the Scenes: Pacific Splash

08 October 2015

Print Inspiration

Do you ever look at a print and wonder what goes into the design and development of it? How did they choose the colors, scale, layout, etc? Well, if you have ever wondered these things today is your lucky day! We’re taking a look at what went into the design of one of our favorite fall prints–Pacific Splash.

The Process

Let’s Decide: We have an incredibly talented print designer on staff who designs ALL of our prints. She and her team spend tons of time during the development phase studying trends, colors, and buying history to determine what prints we’ll carry season to season. Based on all these things, the general direction for the season is determined. Mood boards are made and creativity ensues.

Print First: Once the direction for the season has been determined it’s off to print development. Our team designs tons of prints! You could say they go a little print crazy. They then narrow them down and decide on scale, orientation, layout etc. For Pacific Splash we knew we wanted something geometric–reminiscent of hand-painted tiles.

Color it Right: After the prints are designed we add color. We try an array of different color combos until we find the ONE. This can take a few tries. After tons of colorways we decided to go with a green/blue tonal mix.

Swatch it Out: After we’ve determined the color we get a swatch printed from our manufacturers. If we’re in love we say go into production, if we’re not too pleased we have them try again, and again, and again, until the color is just right. After all, we only want the best color for our customers!

So, there you have it. A little peek into the design process here at All For Color. Have any questions? Let us know, we’d be happy to answer them! 

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