Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte

12 October 2015

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

It is hard to ignore the looming presence of the Starbucks {and Dunkin’ Donuts} pumpkin flavored coffees. They are simply everywhere! Not only are these beverage creations yummy, but they seem to be just as stylish.

As it goes with anything that is trending, the price of these seasonal drinks can drain your fall fun(d)s. Especially if you just HAVE to have your pumpkin fix every single day.

We here at All for Color are all about embracing the trends, but at the same time, we don’t want these indulgences to become the reason we can’t afford Christmas gifts! Since being spend-conscious is on the mind, we have found a few make-it-yourself pumpkin spice drink recipes that might save you a few bucks this fall.

1. Close to the original: The Food Network has one amazing recipe for the pumpkin spice latte that will have you not noticing this wasn’t made by a hipster in a coffee stained green apron.

2. From the source: By now you may have already guessed that Starbucks is making their pumpkin coffee drinks with real pumpkin this year. The loves over at Pop Sugar got THE ORIGINAL Starbucks recipe. You’re Welcome.

3. Over ice: Pumpkin is good cold too. The recipe website, Add a Pinch has three ways to make your own PSL and over ice is one of them. Believe us, it is just as pretty as it is refreshing.

4. Chocolate pumpkin: Pumpkin hot chocolate is a possibility. All Recipes has THE recipe for a hot cup of pumpkin hot chocolate Now the dreamy drink is soon to be your reality.

5. Skinny pumpkin: No one wants to become a plump pumpkin, therefore, we have decided to include a “skinny” pumpkin latte recipe from the Skinny Kitchen. The recipe is skimpy on the fat, but not on the flavor.

Hopefully, these recipes will get you in the mood to whip up a few of your own PSL. While the flavor of pumpkin is a given in all these recipes we noticed that all of them have a few universal ingredients. Milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, nutmeg sugar, cream, and whip cream are commonly used items when making any of these–stock your pantries! Happy brewing!

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