Halloween Treats

29 October 2015

Halloween Treats

Happy (Almost) Halloween! We may be a little early in saying that, but Halloween is happening just two shorts days from now, and if you haven’t thought about what kind of sweet treats you’re going to make for the spooky holiday we suggest you keep reading.

We know that Halloween is a big day for sweets, but we always like to make something extra special on this day using some of our favorite Halloween candies. Because candy + baking = happiness.

Halloween Candy Cupcakes: The name practically says it all. Halloween candy added to your favorite chocolate cupcake mix. Super simple and super scrumptious. See the whole recipe here and download those cute Halloween toppers too!

Halloween Treats

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies: Want to get festive with your baking? These cookies are festive, fun, and look delicious! It’s also one of our favorite pairings – who can say no to peanut butter and chocolate?

Halloween Treats

Twix Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies: If we were asked what our favorite candy bar was it would have to be Twix. And our favorite cookie? Chocolate Chip, of course! This recipe brings our favorites together into what looks like the perfect gooey cookie.

Now that we’ve shared our Halloween treats to try we want to hear from you! Let us know what your favorite Halloween recipe is by tagging us @AllForColor or leaving a comment below.

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