Rainbow Bagels

14 January 2016

Rainbow Bagels

You have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Whether you are an all day kale kinda girl or  cake for breakfast type of lady this saying has some truth to it. Therefore, we should probably eat tons of colorful foods, right? Right! The saying above is the reason why we have added the rainbow bagel to our daily food consumption plan. Basically, the rainbow bagel is our newest food group member and we are NOT complaining.

Have you met, rather tasted the rainbow bagel? They hail from Brooklyn, New York (as every good bagel does) from a poppin’ bakery named, The Bagel Store.

The Bagel Store is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. They insist their magical carbohydrate creations are a “true labor of love.” The Bagel store states that they use the ‘finest ingredients and old fashion rolling/baking techniques’ to craft each bagel. FIY, the Bagel Store is also the home of the Cragel (part croissant/part bagel). So, you know that this bakery is shear genius.

Truly, these new colorful beauties are the prettiest thing to come from Brooklyn–no offense!

Each bagel and flavor is unique to its own. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for a petite snack these bagels are waiting for you. They have a life of their own on Instagram as each bagel appears to look like Play-Doh, but a lot tastier!

So, these bagels are gorgeous, but what do they taste like? The chief bagel flavor baker, Alessandra Bulow creates a variety of bagel flavors from berry, onion, cotton candy, and more fun in between. There is even a bagel sandwich that has all dentist shaking in their white coats. It is a cotton candy sandwich bagel. Basically, it is a rainbow bagel with cream cheese, sprinkles, and cotton candy sandwiched between the two colorful buns. Delightful yes. We say colorful too.

As you can imagine, these bagels don’t stay on the shelves long. The Bagel Store has a system in motion for these hot buns. You can order your bagel online the night before and have it ready for pick up the following day. Also, The Bagel Store caters with a variety of menu options. However, our favorite part about this whole colorful situation is the fact that they ship! Yes, you can order one rainbow bagel and 12 cotton candy bagels to have shipped to your front door!

With the New Year still in full swing, we are tempted to order the 2016 vanilla rum cake flavored bagel. It comes sprinkled with edible gold stars. Heck, we are so ordering it and we’ll start our New Year diet tomorrow. Truly, these bagels aren’t for those who don’t have a major sweet tooth or are measuring their waistlines. However, what is life without eating colorfully every now and again?

Want to get in on this colorful and edible trend? The Bagel Store is on Instagram and Twitter @thebagelstore.

Remember, a rainbow bagel is love and we love to live (and eat) colorfully!

If you are lucky enough to purchase and eat a rainbow bagel be sure to share your vibrant bagel(s) with us on Twitter and Instagram @allforcolor! We’d love to eat with you!

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