We Heart Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas

04 February 2016

DIY Valentine's

Whether you have a longtime love, a crush, or a really good gal-entine (girlfriend Valentine) we love the idea of making cards and showing a little appreciation to the ones we adore. We won’t judge if you wish to treat yourself a little on February 14th too. After all, you have to love yourself before you love anyone else, right? Right. So, we have searched the web, blogs, and streets alike to find a few of the most colorful, pin worthy, and down right fantastic Valentine’s Day theme DIY ideas. Each creative project will have your head (and heart) swimming in love. Literally!

  1. Conversation Heart Leggings
    You have heard of the saying, “Wear your heart on your sleeve.”? Now, you can wear your (convo) hearts on your legs.  Expert DIY-er Kelly Mindell (creator of Studio DIY), has created the no-sew (iron on) Love Day leggings project. Click the link to make it yourself.
  2. Pin-It Valentine’s Day Cards
    Forget Pinterest pinning your V-Day ideas. Queen crafter, Aww-Sam has one awesome Valentine’s Day card idea. Aww-Sam’s blog provides readers with the printable jean jacket & school backpack style Valentine printables while her co-collaborator, In-company sells the perfect little pins to pin to each and every card you want to give this year. However, these are not your grandma’s pins. Nope, they are much cooler and hipper. Think avocado on toast, ice cream cone unicorns, donuts, and Instagram logos all as pins. Yep, they are too cool not to bring to school.
  3. Rosebud Garland
    Roses maybe be red, but they are also the official flower of love. Don’t believe us? Just ask any of the previous contestants on ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelette. While roses are popular, they are also expensive unless you know how to make them out of craft paper. Thankfully, Lauren Conrad’s crafting team knows how to transform paper into life-like blooms and then string them with twine to make a lovely garland for your Valentine. Aw.
  4. Fries Before Guys Valentine Printables
    If you have a bunch of gals pals and happen to love french fries then you’re gonna love this easy DIY.You will need some paper, a printer, and a few baking ingredients. Studio DIY took the popular girl motto, ‘fries before guys’ and turned it into a paper edible Valentine. It’s a fry box filled with sugar cookies that appear to be actual french fries. After printing the template, follow Kelly’s folding instructions to make the paper fry box. Lastly, Kelly provides a recipe for easy fry look-a-like sugar cookies. Your friends will be blown away with how adorable (and sweet) you were to them this year!
  5. Carnation Cones DIY
    Flowers are a lovely gesture on love’s biggest day. What is even more lovely than flowers is putting a little extra thought into the flowers you give. Martha Stewart’s easy Carnation Cone Valentine idea is both cost-effective and rather sweet. Simply taking a few pretty carnations and slipping them inside her printable carnation cone is one grand gesture that cannot be overlooked.

Are you inspired by any of these heartfelt ideas? We sure are and don’t be surprised if we slip into our conversation heart leggings while appreciating our fine rosebud garland as we munch on our ‘fries before guys’ lovely treats. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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