Gilmore Girls Returns

07 March 2016

Gilmore Girls Returns to Netflix

Where are all of our Gilmore Girls at? You know who you are. And we here at Color Ave. know why we love (and desperately miss) the two fast talking, coffee sipping, loving, and best friends (in our heads) mother and daughter combo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore…aka The Gilmore Girls.

Can you believe that The Gilmore Girls has not been on television (minus the Netflix reruns) since 2007? That’s crazy. Simply, crazy! What is really crazy is that The Gilmore Girls will be back with new episodes thanks to Netflix sometime later this year. Yes, we are serious.

We are buzzing with both excitement and yes, coffee over the good news. Reports are in and it is confirmed that all of the show’s major characters will return. However, it is unclear if Melissa McCarthy’s character (Chef Sookie) will return since her celebrity star status has exploded since the show’s wrapping in 2007.

Needless-to-say, all of the GG fans cannot wait to see what life is like in the fictional  town of Star’s Hollow and what is in store for all of the town’s people.

Are Luke and Lorelai back together? What amazing writing job did Rory eventually land? Is she back with her rich boyfriend, Logan? How is Emily Gilmore (Lorelai’s mother) coping with the passing of her husband, Richard (sadly, actor  Richard Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore recently passed away). Is April (Luke’s daughter) back in Stars Hollow? Where is Rory’s dad, Christopher? Will there still be lots and lots of coffee? Plus, so many more unanswered questions. Ekk! We’re dying! Aren’t you?

Seriously, the reunion show(s) is happening. They have already begun taping the rumored four 90 minute episodes that will take place in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. The even better news  about GG’s revival is that the original writer and director, Amy Sherman-Palladino will return to her writing/directing job. Sherman-Palladino’s presence was absent during the taping of The Gilmore Girl’s final season do to a contract dispute. Her missing presence when filming The Gilmore Girl’s final season was truly evident as the show’s ending was abrupt and unsatisfying to say the least. Basically, we were all left hanging and shaking our fists demanding answers since 2007.

If you do not recall, we all last saw Rory and her mom eating  through the window of Luke’s Diner right before Rory took her first out of college job working for the Obama campaign. Sherman-Palladino always insisted that she had four final words to end the show–which we never got to hear!

Hopefully, when the last episode on Netflix airs we will finally get to hear the famed, but never spoken four last words. Who says those four last words and to who did they say them to? Really, what are the four last words? So many unanswered questions remain.

Desperately, we really want to know if Luke and Lorelia get back together. After all, they are meant to be, right?

Geeze, we’re buzzing with anticipation or maybe its just the espresso talking. No, it’s a bit of both. All we can say is that we are so ready to welcome our girls, The Gilmore Girls back home.

We have seriously missed them!

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