Get Ready For Spring

14 March 2016

Spring Inspiration

It’s Spring! Well, kind-of. Actually it’s spring in our hearts, dreams, and heads. The official first day of spring is March 20th and we could not be anymore excited to welcome back one of our favorite seasons. Although, we better hurry, because there is a lot to do before it’s finally spring and we know you’ll have to get busy too. Without further ado, here is our spring to-do list!

  1. Clear your closet: Duh, this seems like a no-brainier, but purging closets and drawers of unwanted clothes and accessories is a great way to make room for a new season. And a new season is a good enough reason to go shopping! Perhaps, a cute printed shift dress from All For Color?
  2. Clean out your vanity: Take an afternoon to go through your vanity drawers by straightening, organizing, vacuuming, and tossing all of your old beauty products. Hanging fresh towels and a new shower curtain also helps with the seasonal transition.
  3. Open the windows: On a bright afternoon, open the windows to let the fresh, crisp, and spring-like air flow through your home. Wipe the inner base of your window panes to get rid of any dust, bugs, and dirt that built up over the winter.
  4. Organize your gym bag: Take a second to clean and wash your gym clothes and wipe out the inner parts of your bag. Throw in a dryer sheet to keep it at its maximum freshness. Don’t have a gym bag? No worries, we’ve got the goods.
  5. Fruit and veggie shopping: With a new season comes new fruits and veggies. Get ready to stock your frig with plenty of spinach, broccoli, green beans, apricots, strawberries, and asparagus. Maybe find a recipe of two to try as well.
  6. Clean crib: Nothing says spring like fresh sheets and a new comforter. We like PB Teen’s monogram sheets, but then again, we like everything monogrammed!
  7. Bon Voyage: After spring comes summer. This means that you need to start booking your summer vacation ASAP. We hear Paris is lovely in the spring, but super fun in the summer. Plus, we have a perfect passport cover.
  8. Re-fresh your car: With all the winter goo and gunk that your car has driven through it could really use a good bath. Both inside and outside. Remember, a clean car is a happy car. Don’t own a car? We’re sure your bike is dirty.
  9. Bikini time: Spring is the perfect season to pick out your swimsuit. Really, it’s the time that all retailers have the latest bathing suit trends ready and in-stock. Luckily, we have a fine swim line too.
  10. Gelato: So, we feel kind bad that we gave you a whole list of stuff that mostly includes cleaning. Getting ready for spring is a lot of work, but doing all the cleaning, organizing, and preparation really is rewarding. Reward yourself with some gelato after it’s all said and done!

Happy spring, all!

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