Learning Calligraphy

24 March 2016


Calligraphy Workshops


Is it just us or does calligraphy seem like one of the most daunting crafts to hone? A steady hand, patience, and persistence are all things we feel are needed when learning this art. While we may possess some of these things, a girl can’t learn all on her own, right? There are tons of calligraphers out there sharing their craft with the world and while we adore all of these artistes, we have a real appreciation and respect for one Miss Laura Hooper.

We only follow Laura on her Instagram and through her blog, but we feel like we really know her.  We love all the pretty images she posts, but mostly we love her tips on all things calligraphy. It makes us want to buy her starter set, watch her video, and jump right in! Better yet, if you’re really wanting to learn the craft, enroll in one of Laura’s upcoming workshops. She’s got a full schedule for spring up right now so pick a city, sign up, book a flight (or take a drive), and count down the days until all your besties start placing custom invitation orders to parties, weddings, showers, and more!

What’s one craft or art you’d love to learn? We want to know!

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