PJ Party Saturday

14 April 2016

Pajama Party

There’s a multitude of themed days out there, and while we wish we could celebrate each and every one of them, we simply cannot keep up! One day that we really want to make sure to take advantage of this year is “National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day”. It’s going to be tricky to pull this off as the day falls on Saturday, April 16th, meaning none of us here at AFCHQ can participate this year. Although we won’t be celebrating the day at the office, we will be sure to celebrate at home wearing one of our PJ Sets!

Our Saturday is going to consist of a brunch of avocado toast, catching up on our favorite shows (Netflix + chill), and reading our book for our All For Color book club. Some of us have more reading to do than others.

We think our Saturday plans sound like they were made for lounging in pj’s all day. Will you be wearing your PJ’s to work on Saturday? Or lounging in them at home? How are you going to celebrate the day? Let us know!

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